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Improve Your Fairway Bunker Shots

Improve Your Fairway Bunker Shots  

Many golfers struggle out of the fairway bunker and are not able to advance the ball as far as they would from the fairway.  To make proper impact out of fairway bunkers, there are a couple keys to remember:

  • First, make sure you choke down on the club.  Since you are choking down, make sure you take an extra club to get the ball to the green. 
  • Next, play the ball a little back in your stance.  This will allow you to hit the ball first, and pick it clean from the sand. 
  • Finally, dig your back foot’s instep into the sand.  This will prevent any weight transfer, and keep your weight on your lead leg. 

Follow these steps and you will be hitting great fairway bunkers shots your next time on the course.


Zach Halvonik

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